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inside-cap section

DID YOU KNOW? The package artist for these games is called Michiru Kataoka, and she has her own webpage.

Below is a table of all the extant Inside-cap novel ports I am aware of, and their preservation status. If possible, the Japanese titles are included for ease of searching.

There also might be more games. Need to wade through GoodGBA more.

Original game name New game name Release date Original? Converter? ROM?
Tsukihime Rinne Tsukihime輪廻月姫 2001-12-21 ???
Tsuki-Bako disc not supported
No Yes
Rinne Tsukihime - Shingetsusai輪廻月姫 新月祭 ??? ???
Tsukihime & PLUS-Disc
Tsuki-Bako discs not supported
No No
Kagetsu Tohya Rinne Tohya輪廻十夜 2003-12-25 ??? No Yes
Tsuki-Bako Rinne Tsukihime輪廻月姫 BOX EDITION 2003-12-30 ???
Only uses Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya discs
No No
Hajimete no Orusuban Hajimete no Advance 2002-04-28 ??? No Yes
Hajimete no Advance Voice-Spec 2003-12-28 No Yes
Suika Kodama Suikaこだま水夏 2002-08-11 ??? No Yes
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Kimi ga Nozomu Advance 2004-08-06 ??? No Yes
Cross†Channel Cross†Change 2004-08-06 ??? No Yes
Air Air Pocket Advance 2005-01-05 ??? No Yes
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Tenohira de Higurashi ga Naku掌でひぐらしがなく 2005-02-07 Yes
Himatsubushi-hen 20040813 ver.
Installed files only Yes
Koibito Double One ??? ??? ??? ??? Yes
To Heart 2 ??? ??? ??? ??? Yes

The following are just fan-games, and don't need an original game disc.

Parodied work Game name Release date Disc? ROM?
Rizelmine Rizel no Mine Seekerりぜるのまいんしーかー 2002 No Yes


These ports may look like Inside-cap products, but they are definitely NOT.

The font they used is actually a free one called "k12x10", and its usage in a game does NOT implicate Inside-cap in its development. Instead, listen for the characteristic sound samples, look for their logos, and check for the standard "start-button" menu.


These will be better sorted when I get an idea of the whole situation, or something